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1.How well do you think Council has responded to the requirements for additional open space?

2.Council collects developer funds for open space via a levy. How much of this fund do you think should be spent on the purchase of NEW OPEN space as compared with the development of EXISTING open space?

3.Council is proposing to increase the developer levy to 8.3%. Other councils such as Darebin & Monash believe that 10% is necessary. At the very least, should Council match this levy?

4.Do you believe that Glen Eira caters sufficiently for PASSIVE open space (ie not sporting grounds)?

5.As a result of many high rise developments, there is the danger that our parks will have increased overshadowing, especially in winter. Do you think that specific winter solstice controls should become a part of our planning scheme as the Melbourne City Council is currently attempting via a formal amendment?

6.Residents have very little idea of how the open space levy is spent. Do you think that council should itemise in detail the income and expenditure for each ward every 3 months?

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